Welcome to the Research COI Reporting System

The purpose of the Research COI (rCOI) system is to have a disclosure or reporting mechanism for Investigators that is connected to UH research or extramural-funding information and records. As many COI disclosure requirements are mandated by funding agencies, this system serves to capture all the information necessary to meet those requirements with the least amount of burden placed on Investigators.

In accordance with UH COI policy and procedures, COI disclosure helps to ensure that all research, extramurally-funded activities and scholarly pursuits are conducted objectively and with the utmost integrity. Conflicts of interest arise when outside interests, largely financial, unduly influence one's professional judgements or actions. Disclosure of financial interests and subsequent identification of a conflict of interest does not imply that there is any wrongdoing, it is in fact the opposite. It is demonstrating that you, the Investigator, and UH are taking steps to ensure that extramurally-funded activities are conducted with transparency and accountability, and UH has a system in place to effectively manage identified conflicts of interest.